Epik One® is a product of many years
of experience in the mobile phone industry.

Why Epik

Founded on the principles of quality, design, and attention to detail, Epik One is composed of passionate individuals who are dedicated to their work and their area of expertise.

We have local teams in the US, China, and the markets where we operate. This expansive reach allows us to better understand the tensions that exist between quality, specification, and price.

At Epik One we hope that you put your trust in our products. We worked hard to bring them to the market so they represent the best value money can buy.

Our Drive

The smartphone industry is one of the most competitive industries due to rapid technological change, capable competition, and demanding customers. Here, success can be directly attributed to the capability of the team, its passion, personality, and experience.

Here at Epik One, we have the right team and the right ingredients to deliver great products with good financial results.

Our mission is to find the best value that we can offer to the consumer, considering the specific needs of each market.


Our expertise is in developing markets and developing economies. We understand the economic challenges that our consumers face and our promise is to deliver the best value all around – in design, feature set, user experience, and functionality.

Over the years we have provided products to network operators, retailers, distributors, and end-users. We understand the pain points of each channel and we try to deliver custom solutions that have all the stakeholders in mind, chief among them those of the end consumer.